Get to Know Your Esthetician, Dawn Stackhouse!

What is So Special About the Apothecary Spa...

"Born and raised in New York, I started my journey at a very young age in the medical field, 
attending technical school during high school to answer the call of nursing. 

After graduating with a nursing degree, I worked for various doctors in several different roles, including medical administrator, surgical assistant, and x-ray technician. I was driven by an eagerness to learn more so I could be as hands-on as possible with the patients. 

In 1997, I had my first child who had many medical issues as an infant. I needed to shift gears to do what was best for my growing family, so I opened my own child care facility. Not only was I able to help parents that needed child-care, but with my medical background, I was able to care for children that were immune-compromised, while attending to my own children as well. It was very rewarding to help those with cystic fibrosis, diabetes and celiac disease overcome their challenges.

18 years later, my children now grown, I knew it was time for me to return to the field that I loved.  Since I really enjoyed being a business owner, I wanted my next chapter to still be my own. I always had an interest in health and self-care, and I believed esthetics would be a perfect place to start.

Reinventing myself once again, I went back to school to obtain my New York State esthetician license. There are so many directions that you can go within the esthetics world, I knew this would be the perfect beginning for me in this industry.  
With a NYS Licensed Esthetician and Make-Up Artist degree under my belt, I continued pushing further with an Oncology Esthetician Certification. Now I could provide treatments for those undergoing cancer therapy, or post-cancer therapy. I wanted to help those that truly needed healing and inner peace.

Still growing, I shortly therafter earned my Reflexology Certification, enabling me to offer therapeutic pressure point massage. This type of massage provides lymphatic drainage and supports the immune system.

Rounding out my mind & body methodology, I partnered with a natural skin care producer that creates holistic skin care products, utilizing them in treatments for my oncology 
clients, as well for those that prefer a holistic skin care approach. Additionally, I signed on with Repechage (based out of NJ), a family-owned skin care business established in 1980, that resources seaweed as a base for their products. Seaweed is known to rebuild keratin and collagen in the skin. With the understanding that many esthetic therapies and skin care products can cause skin cancer and scarring, I decided to build my own holistic practice to include these products that I believe in and use myself!

My mission is to ensure each and every client leaves the treatment room with a relaxed mind, better looking and healthier skin, and a renewed vitality. I look forward to new learning experiences in this amazing field to provide customized therapeutic care that improves the body, mind and health of my clients."

Apothecary Spa & Wellness is a one-on-one professional Aesthetic and Reflexology Treatment Spa, where the focus is YOU!

Building trust and relationships with compassion for our clients is key to not only the success of the treatments, but also of our business as a whole. All treatments are customized for each individual client per their specific needs, taking into consideration their environment, diet and state-of-mind. Dawn is available for support at any time, to answer questions, give advice and attend to any concerns you may have regarding your health and treatment on the path to restoring your inner peace.